Ultrasonic Antifouling

Ultrasonic Antifouling System

Ultrasonic antifouling systems are specially designed to prevent the pollution caused by algae in areas under the waterline of the ship, seawater circuits, sea chests. Those systems produce ultrasonic sound waves at certain frequencies that go beyond the hearing area of people. These sound waves create a microscopic barrier along the ship’s hull area to prevent algae and shellfish from adhering to the hull.

Parts of the Ultrasonic Antifouling System

Ultrasonic antifouling system consists of a control panel and transducers. The number of transducers (1,2,4,6,8) varies according to the application area. The installation of the system is very simple. Thanks to the installation instructions to be notified to us, you will be able to easily install the ultrasonic antifouling system on your boat.

YGZ Antifouling systems partner with Shipsonic, a Dutch company in the field of ultrasonic antifouling systems. Shipsonic is an engineering company operating in the field of clean technology of Dutch origin, which has been producing ultrasonic antifouling systems since 2006 and is the market leader in this field. All parts of ultrasonic antifouling systems are manufactured in the Netherlands. Production and R&D studies of ultrasonic antifouling systems are carried out by Shipsonic Company’s partnership with the Royal Netherlands Marine Research Institute (NIOZ) and HZ University of Applied Sciences.



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