Pool Ionization Systems

What is the pool ionization system?

For years, chlorine has been perceived as the only way to disinfect water in swimming pools and jacuzzis. However, this method often results in red and irritated eyes, dry and brittle hair, itchy skin, and faded swimsuits. Chlorine is a strong bleach and dangerous.

The pool ionization system is the most effective system that will provide you with a zero chemical swimming pool.

Copper/silver pool ionization system is an alternative technology to chlorination, which is used to purify pool water from bacteria and microorganisms, which is harmful and costly to human health and the environment.

It is a known fact that mines such as silver and copper do not have microorganisms on them and it has been used to purify substances from microorganisms and viruses since 2500 BC.

How does the Pool Ionization system work?

The pool ionization system consists of a control box and a copper or copper/silver electrode. Water is passing through a T tube containing specially designed electrodes. The control box works by producing a low voltage DC current to the electrodes.

Basically, the current causes some of the outermost atoms of the electrodes to lose an electron, thereby forming positive ions. As water passes through the T tube, many of these ions are taken through water before they reach the other side of the electrodes. As a result, copper or copper/silver ions diffuse into the pool water.

The biggest benefit of copper or copper/silver ionization is that ions remain in the water that provides protection. They provide long-term non-toxic purification and protect against re-contamination. The microprocessor control box always produces new ions to constantly sterilize the water.


  • Environmentally Friendly

It is a sustainable alternative using safe natural minerals and ozone. It greatly reduces the use of chlorine. It eliminates the need for salt and softeners.

  • Enjoy Crystal Clear Water

You will be amazed by the clarity of the water and you will not want to go back to the heavily chlorinated pool.

  • Save Money

It reduces the need for high-cost chlorine products, eliminates algae, stabilizers and salt, and saves your budget.

  • Technology Licensed by NASA

The technology developed by NASA is used in the products. A license was obtained from NASA in 1989. The products are certified by NSF (National Science Foundation), UL and CUL.




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