Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS)


Today, biofouling is a problem that all ships have to deal with. Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS) are one of the main methods of solving this problem. YGZ MGPS systems guarantee the minimization of the pollution caused by marine creatures on your boat.


Micro creatures such as mussels, shellfish, algae etc. circulated in the seawater circuits of the ships and continue their vital activities by clinging in the trunks of various pipes, heat exchangers, filter and seachest.


As microorganisms develop, they prevent the passage of cooling water to the ship system, causing blockages in pipe circuits, a decrease in flow, deterioration in heat transfer system, overheating in systems, corrosion in pipe circuits, damage in circuits, decrease in ship speed and loss of efficiency.


How does MGPS work?


The basic principle of the operation of the antifouling (MGPS / ICAF) system is electrolysis. The system consists of anodes (copper, aluminum, iron) and a control unit that supplies and controls the current to the anodes are affected.


Antifouling System (MGPS) can be installed in the sea chest or in the seawater filter. It produces copper anode ions during operation. These ions are transported to pipe and machine cooling systems by means of seawater. In addition, ions produced from aluminum/iron anodes are protected against corrosion by creating an anti-corrosive layer on pipes, heat exchangers, valves, and cooling systems.

Antifouling systems (MGPS) are mounted once on ships. However, ion-producing electrodes are periodically replaced as they are reached their lifetime. The operation of the system is constantly monitored on the display.


  • It provides continuous and reliable protection without using chemicals and is completely environmentally friendly.
  • It is a dual system that prevents antifouling and corrosion in pipe circuits. It can be applied to ships of all sizes.
  • It requires minimum maintenance. It is completely automatic.
  • It saves time and maintenance costs since it eliminates pipe cleaning.
  • It is easy to install, it can be easily mounted on the sea chest and seawater filters.




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